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Text Resume is also known as ASCII Resume or plain text resume how well one has crafted it is the first thing that an employer looks for in the soon to be employee. Text Resume is nothing but a plain text resume that does not include special formatting tools like highlighting using color, special lines or any tabular columns.

Why do we need a Text Resume?

Let’s say you are applying for a position in ABC Company which is a Fortune 500 company so obviously there will be thousands of applicants for that particular position. What the employer does is use scanners to sort the applications based on keywords and prioritise them based on level of their skillset. Text resume makes the scanning process hassle free as there is no sort of visual representation.

Get your dream job with a well prepared text resume that lets you stand out from the rest. The text resume we prepare are of industry standards that will increase your chance of employability.

How is it done?

Once you provide your academic and job experience details, a professional will be assigned to you who will take care of the rest- choosing a professional template, entering the credentials in a detailed manner, highlight your skills based on the job you’re applying for and formatting the resume to the industry standards. You can provide your feedback on what can be improved and your assigned writer will reflect those changes in the resume. Feel free to contact your writer and let them know about your feedback until your expectations are met.



Looking for new career opportunities in abroad? Whether it’s for permanent employment or temporary employment, the way the recruiter looks at you changes completely. So, it’s better to be prepared with our international resume services that offers a wide range of customised resume that suits for the country in which you’re looking for a job or to settle. Each and every country has their own format or standards for resume that will include or exclude many major information. Countries like US prefer academic and job experience information excluding personal details about family and the length of the resume should be 1-2 pages. European countries do not entertain resumes with photographs and divulging too much personal information. As we said, there are certain dos and don’ts when it comes to creating International resume. Leave it to experienced professionals like us and relax. We provide International Resume services to job seekers in countries like:

  • United States (US)

  • Canada

  • United Kingdom (UK)

  • Sweden

  • Philippines

  • Southeast Asian countries like India, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore



If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about adding visual representations in your resume to make it look more impressive. A single pie chart or graph describing your career growth can convey the same thing as a dozen of pages says except that the visual is more catchy and self-explanatory. Adding necessary visuals like tabular column or bulletins improve your chances of getting placed by giving a good impression of yourself and also conveying what kind of a person you are. Visuals makes your resume more readable, more accessible and it will be more precise. Adding necessary visuals is as important as keeping it to a minimal level to make the resume look elegant and simple.

What do we do?

Our well trained professionals gather information from your submission (career details) and the job/ industry you’re applying for into consideration and prepare a well formatted info graphic resume that includes visual representation, bullet points, highlighting your skills without losing even the tiniest detail. You can contact the writer assigned for you to make changes if any until you’re satisfied.



LinkedIn is a social media platform that boasts of more than 500 million users across the world comprising of employers, professionals, entrepreneurs and job seekers. Your LinkedIn profile describes who you are, what kind of personality you are and your career achievements. It is a standard practise to attach your LinkedIn profile in your resume so we need to make it worth. LinkedIn Profile has really changed the way how recruiters look at the job seekers by giving them a platform to talk about their career growth more specifically.

LinkedIn itself is a job portal where employers post several jobs every day and your applications are evaluated based on your LinkedIn Profile. To increase your chance of getting employed, neatly described profile summary and credentials are important.

Contact our team of expert professionals to give your LinkedIn Profile a pro look that gives an impression of your identity and potential. After submitting the career details, you will be directed to a personalised writer who will write the profile summary and fill out the necessary columns and highlight your skills in the profile.



Do you know that you’re more likely to get employed if you have good business etiquettes? Employers don’t say this out loud, but yeah this is the reality; they do expect it from candidates. When you find an opportunity for sending out your resume, merely attaching a resume in that email is not sufficient; copy paste your cover letter that states who you are, why you are applying for that particular position and do not forget to add “Thank you” note in the bottom of the email. Even if the interview did not go well, have the courtesy of thanking them for the opportunity and that you’re grateful to them.

Cover Letters play a key role in the job application-it defines your personality; consider it as an opportunity to impress the employer with your achievements, uniqueness and the values you bring to the job. Although, including cover letter is not mandatory but including it provides you an opportunity to express your skills and why you could be right fit for the job.

Apart from cover letters, there are follow up emails and thank you emails, to let the employer know that you’re interested in the job and have whatever it takes to blend in the environment.

Choosing our Cover Notes services offers you a wide range of opportunity where in you will be given professional guidance on cover letter, follow up emails and thank you note which needs to be hand crafted based on your employer.



Have you ever heard of ‘Executive Biographies’? Most fresher would not have heard it, but it is so common in the professional industry. Executive Biography is a slightly bigger document than a resume that covers an individual’s career path starting from life journey, education, soft skills and career path. One may wonder how this is different from a resume, the answer is resume is a short and precise document divulging only very necessary information, but an executive biography is the one that summarises a professional’s career growth.

Executive summaries are usually presented in presentation, seminars and webinars to give an introduction about an individual when these are explicitly sought by people of interest. It can also be used by professionals taking up interviews for promotion or to give self-introduction to people of interest. An Executive Biography provides insight in the following areas:

  • Life’s Journey: Highlighting the milestones and achievements in your career.

  • Career Contour: Provides in depth information about the timeline of an individual in a particular role, reasons for taking it up expressing their strengths and weakness to analyse if he/she would be the right fit for a role.

  • Achievements: Highlights careers growth milestones and achievements of prime importance.

  • Education: Basic overview of one’s education details

  • Soft Skills: It includes the soft skills one possess-inter personal communication, problem solving ability and time and resource management skills. Technical + soft skills are what the employers look for, so why not mention it?



Times are changing, so does the recruitment processes are. In times like those during which hard copy of resume does not the purpose, online CV hosting comes into picture.

Online CV Hosting is a platform where in you will have a separate and dedicated URL for your resume which can be updated by you overtime. All you have to do is share your resume to the employer and he/she may find it by tapping the link.

Online CV Hosting is available for both text as well as info graphic resume. Create your own online CV hosting by choosing our plan.



Executive Portfolios are of great use to express an individual’s entire career path covering all career advancements and accomplishment throughout one’s career. It can involve visual representation containing graphs and timelines to indicate trajectory of growth consisting up to 12-20 slides.

Executive Portfolios are usually presented in presentation wherein you’re given one chance to give you first impression to grab a contract/client/project. It can also be used in board meetings/review meetings/conferences and so on.



The Selection Criteria is a list of desirable and mandatory skills like attributes, education and experience that an employer looks for in an ideal candidate who’s applying for the particular position. An ideal candidate should possess all the skills aforementioned in the selection criteria. To be precise, selection criteria is to check whether a candidate is eligible to apply for the role or not.

Almost all the public sectors in India have a list of selection criteria which needs to be met by the candidate for applying. Each and every public sector has different list of selection criteria like any qualification certificates or any course completion.

We offer selection criteria services by providing the complete list of selection criteria for each and every public sector jobs. Along with selection criteria, we also provide professional guidance and help you throughout the application process.



VCard Resume is a pocket size resume that encompasses all necessary information in the form of visiting card, which replaces traditional A4 size resume hardcopy. If you’re tired of carrying out your A4 size resumes for every interview, try out our VCard resumes which come handy and solves the space constraint by making use of an existing room- pockets. You can carry as much VCard resume copies as you want in your pocket.

Other than the creative element, VCard resumes bring down the chances of losing your A4 size resume. As an add-on, we can add QR code that will direct the employer to the candidate’s LinkedIn Profile or Online CV hosting.

Our team of expert professional will provide professional guidance and will create an innovative VCard customised for your needs. You can get up to 100 VCard resumes neatly packed and delivered to your address. Tap on the “Get started” option below to get started.



Want to leave a digital footprint of your career in the digital world? Why not have a dedicated website for your career that has all the information and accomplishments in your career from the beginning? If so, personal website is our solution for you.  We will build a website for you and provide you with a personal URL. With a touch of creativity and innovation, the website will showcase your entire career right from the starting and the website will be updated from time to time to edit information, add new interface and accomplishments along with contact information to contact you directly.

The websites that we build are accessible in all the devices and browsers and has cross-browser compatibility. Click the link below to get started.



A Statement of Purpose is a personal statement that says who you are, your personality and why you have chosen a particular career path and your career plans for the future. Most high tech MBA schools and grad students applying for abroad education need to fill Statement of Purpose that acts as the base for selection criteria.

If you are about to start drafting one, contact us and get your well-drafted SOP under professional guidance from our team of trained experts. One size will not fit everyone, so does the SOP; we draft customised SOP after reviewing the application form and filling out the gaps. Along with drafting Statement of Purpose, we also offer Essay writing services.

To know more about the services we offer, open the link below to get started.



Letter of Recommendation or Letter of Reference is a letter written by assessor that validates a candidate’s qualities and abilities. Letter of Recommendation is a mandatory criteria for applying to several top universities and education in foreign countries.

We will draft LOR that talks about your personality traits and professionalism and creates a long lasting impression on the prospective employer or university admission committee.



A motivation letter is a document similar to your cover letter where in motivation letter will be in a more detailed and elaborate manner. It is a standard procedure to attach motivation letter along with scholarship application form in European countries. Unlike cover letter, motivation letter has prime importance in determining how your nomination for the specified program.

Motivation letter drafting is highly recommended for students going to European countries for higher studies. Contact our Writing Partners to draft the well written motivation letter to show how you are the better candidate for the program and gives a compelling reason to choose you over others.



We provide Recruitment Consultant Service for 3 months, post resumes, update it and manage up to 3 job portal profiles to make sure that you don’t miss out any opportunity. Apart from job openings via job portals, we also apply on your behalf to hidden job opportunities by contacting with other recruiters.

  • Recruitment Consultant for 3 Months

  • Create, update and manage up to 3 Job Portal Profiles

  • Job Application on your behalf (both job portal openings and other jobs too)



As we said, LinkedIn is a social media platform especially meant for job seekers and employers to find a good catch. LinkedIn’s Algorithm works based on the engaging option; the more you engage and connect with your connections, the more you’re likely to be displayed on top of the keyword search. Having 1000 connections and a complete LinkedIn profile will not fetch you a job unless, you engage with your connections.

For those of you who feels the need to engage in LinkedIn but do not have the time to do so, LinkedIn Profile Management service is for you. We manage your account, create new posts, author original content, and engage with your connections and sharing industry relevant news and media. To expand your career circle, based on recommendations we add new connections and accept connection requests.

How do we do it?

  • Completing the profile and filling in the gaps so that your connection can get to know you better.

  • We post original content, share media, industry relevant news and case studies.

  • Regular engagement in discussion forums and congratulating your connections on their work anniversary.

  • Get endorsed by professional to add credibility to your profile.



Video Resume is a 90-120 seconds video of you describing who you are, reason for choosing a specific career path, area of professional interest and future career plans. This is more like you visually explaining your resume by going through everything specified in it. Video Resumes make the Employer filtering process more easy and flexible by knowing what kind of personality you are by watching your video resume. Video Resume gives an insight of the following things:

  • Technical skills and confidence level

  • Communication skills

  • How you look and present yourself

  • We offer Video Resume Service by writing a tailor made script for the job role you’re applying for and great quality HD recording options to make sure you get the best first shot.



Do you know that every year more than 1500 nominations are received by the Government of India for the prestigious Padma awards like Padma Shri, Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhushan awards? Nominations are welcome from state/UT/Central Government Administration, Bharat Ratna awardees and Institute of Excellence; self-nomination is also accepted.

After receiving more than 1500 nominations, Government of India reviews their citations, contribution of their work to the society and the impact it has on society and evaluates each and every candidates and zeroes in the ideal winner based on the evaluation score.

Citations for the Padma Award Nominees should do justice for to the social and charity works that particular person has been doing to the society. Citations cover basically all the good deeds and the dedication the candidate has shown in their area of interest and how he/she went an extra mile to contribute to mankind.

What do we do?

  • We interact with individual or spokesperson to gather more information about the candidate

  • Do homework on candidate’s contribution to their area of interest.

  • List out all the facts, numbers and contribution in the form of KPIs.

  • Write down a personal biography that includes their family and personal lives.

  • List down the awards they have already won.

  • Draft a neat citation with the available facts and format it.

  • Contact our Expert Team by clicking the link below to get your own citation.

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